Television & Youtube footage

Experience trips 2015

Traces of the sunken island Bosch (RTV Noord)

Beach finds do not lead to the island Bosch (RTV Noord)

/ Searching for the island Bosch (RTL Nieuws)

Storms and sunken islands / Searching for the island Bosch (Omrop Fryslân)

History of the islands Rottumerplaat and Rottumeroog (RTV Noord)

Land reclamation on the Frisian coast (Waddenacademy)

The Lauwerssea closed (Frisian Film Archive)

Afsluitdijk (Closure dike) 1932 (Photos)

The closure of the Afsluitdijk (Waddenacademy)

The Zuiderzee (Zuydersea) 1927 (Waddenacademy)

Rungholt – Atlantis of the North Sea (mediathek ZDF)